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Amazon Prime Gaming August 2022 Games

Amazon Prime Gaming August 2022 Games

The Amazon Prime Gaming system, which we wonder what game it will give every month , has also published the list of wonders for August. I say it every month, but let me repeat it one more time. For a platform that we are a member of for 7.90 TL , the games are fine.

I would like to remind you that the last 30 games were given in July. Anyway, let’s not go further and switch to the August 2022 games.

Amazon Prime Gaming August 2022 Games

When we look at the list, I would like to start by saying that we did not see 30 games like that this time. A large number of games were given away due to the Amazon Prime Day shopping festival last month.

We see that there are 6 productions in Prime Gaming August 2022 games. I’m adding the games right below.

  • ScourgeBringer
  • Recompile
  • StarCraft Remastered
  • Family Mysteries Poisonous Promises
  • Beats of Mariavilla Island
  • Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

The surprise part of this month is that additional content will be given. Additional content will be given for games such as Roblox, PUBG, Apex Legends.

That’s how Amazon Prime Gaming August 2022 games are. After 30 games, the 6-game list was a little short, but as I said at the beginning, it’s pretty good for the 7.90 TL subscription price. 🙂 Now we will wait for the next month.

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