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Activision Removes Stolen Costume from Call of Duty

Activision Removes Stolen Costume from Call of Duty

Not to be dismissed with an apology

Activision has removed the Loyal Samoyed skin from Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard following alleged stolen items. Acknowledging the situation, Activision said in a message to Polygon, “We have great respect for creativity and content production. We love Loyal Samoyed, but unfortunately we made a mistake in the process and removed this image from the game. We apologize for this misconduct.”

Is that all? If you’re wondering, I’m wondering the same. After all, there is a stolen work, and if the original owner of the image had not noticed the situation, it would have boiled away. In addition to this apology, Activision would normally be expected to pay compensation, albeit symbolic, to the original creator of the image.

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Recently, concept artist Sail Lin raved on Twitter, noting the similarities between the ” Samoye Medical ” image and the “Loyal Samoyed” costume prepared by Call of Duty for Kim Tae Young.

In his last tweet , Sail Lin said, “I haven’t had a good result yet. My request was for Activision to apologize and explain the situation to me via the official broadcast, not for them to make such a half-assed statement. As always, they are arrogant, I am very disappointed.” This shows that Activision considered the costume design in question to be stolen, but thought it solved everything by removing it from the game.

As you can see, Activision continues to act as Activision

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