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A new PvP mode “Easy prey” has been added to the online shooter Warface

A new PvP mode "Easy prey" has been added to the online shooter Warface

In the new mode, players will collect fire skulls and trade them for powerful weapons and badges.

The big summer update “Easy Prey” adds the latest PvP mode to Warface , in which two teams not only shoot at each other, but also pick up special multi-colored shards. Skulls must be saved until the end of the round, and the team that collects more unbroken skulls wins. As soon as there are more than 20 figures, they begin to be highlighted through the walls.

If the player dies, then he loses half of the collected skulls and reduces his chances of receiving rewards. The winning team will receive special black market coins that can be exchanged for new types of weapons: the Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle, the Lupara sawed-off weapon in the secondary weapon slot, Random Boxes with powerful guns, achievement packs, badges, dog tags and patches.

The novelties of the summer update are already waiting for Warface players , along with the destructible Gas Station map.


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