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PUBG Mobile Friend Deletion Guide

PUBG Mobile Friend Deletion Guide

PUBG Mobile Friend Deletion Guide

For those who wonder how to delete PUBG Mobile Friends , we are telling you up-to-date for the years 2020-2021 . Delete friends you don’t like. Even if we do not have an acquaintance with whom we play in online games, we can meet the players in the game and be close friends with them. Of course, while there are so many people we can meet in a game played by millions, we sometimes meet the wrong people. We no longer want to see a player when we start to cool down with his actions or behavior. In such cases, we need to use features such as PUBG Mobile Friend Deletion . We explain how to do it for those who do not know.

How to Delete PUBG Mobile Friends?

You need to follow the PUBG Mobile Friend Deletion steps , which we have explained to you below . Operation will fail after missing or incorrect application. This is how you can delete players in your friend list in the current game. How to Delete PUBG Mobile Friends? ;

  1. Login to the game ,
  2. Open the chat feature,
  3. In the window that opens , come to my friends place,
  4. Click on the player you want to delete ,
  5. Press the three lines on the left ,
  6. Say block the player .
How to Delete PUBG Mobile Friends?

How to Delete PUBG Mobile Friends?

By following the simple 6 steps above, you will perform the Delete Friends in PUBG Mobile game. The player you block will be removed from your friend list and will not be able to contact you.

Reasons to Delete PUBG Mobile Friends

There are many reasons for PUBG Mobile Friend Deletion. In order to add a new friend across them, they delete their unspoken friends from the list of players whose friends list is full and make space and add new people. Again, for the same reasons, you can keep your friends that you do not want to see in the game from your list and keep them away from you.


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