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The Story Among Us

The Story Among Us

The Story Among Us

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For those who are curious about the Story of Among Us, we present to you the video prepared by Master Adal. With articles, you can better understand the parts of the story that you do not understand. You can also satisfy all your curiosity about Among Us Game Story by watching the video again.

The Story Among Us
The game has a simple story, if you watched the movie I am in my hand. The same thing goes on here. A group of astronauts are going to sample an unknown planet in space.

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In the first middle, we are sailing to space, space, sea and the target planet.

In the second middle, we can perceive that we have landed on the planet we are going to and collected samples from there. Certain excavations were made to collect samples.

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In the third middle, we are in the Tower, which communicates with the astronauts from a distance, and this map is the main piece that confirms the story. With an upload task, all you have to do is press a key and upload the file.

But the most important thing is the files you transferred, the name of every file you uploaded last 6 appears. Although these are usually silly things, one of his works is called life forms in doubt. You may remember that one of the killing animations in the game contains a creature hidden inside a human.

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This means that there is a life form after all the researches. This soul enters into other souls and lives there as a mansion. It is called change the behavior of the creatures it hosts and control them. In other words, there is only one purpose for the imposter to prevent our missions throughout the whole game.

Stage one police map. Because they find life forms directly on the planet, and the life form is ready to enter them and kill them all pioneers in transferring the information to the other superiors, let’s prepare impo, they did not succeed here.

The life forms could not conquer them nicely. When does this happen, of course, on the way home, his room returned home in the middle of the city. we work, but we know that there is a life form within us. We also need to report this.

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Come on, if we say task success in this, the tower remained. Then transfer to Nana Korea for analysis of living funds in the tower. The producers have already announced that they will make a trapezoid 2 instead of adding an extra content to the gas. So when the game comes out we can see a different one among as universe.

Let’s come to the good water colors, but you may see it as a recently released game, but this game has been available since November 16, 2018. So what happened? Two years later, everyone has started to play this game. Because of your requests and connections, if you reached 2016 on youtube or something.

You must have seen everything he wanted, a stickman and he steals diamonds. You can play the game in different ways 3, 4 of them are the end of them. I played and even shot the video at the time, they were very nice and a new version of it came. How easy was every request he made to the system.

It includes all of the other games and puts an extra story on it, and it really had too many endings, and there’s the belief that Morgan’s is the publisher that has just put together a single collection. That’s why many people who know this stick man get involved with this company when they see that the game will come out. One of the tasks of dumping garbage into space, we see a diamond and a telephone device stuck in the garbage, which are not the brains of the devices they used before every request.

Also, if the posters of each bidder were available everywhere in the game, a map based on salami, and if you cast your antidote in company with a vote, it will show. As the completion sets, he lifts his thumb up and soars towards the law and mixes. In the beginning I thought it was a reference to the situation, but then it came to my mind that the only reason he did this in the case is in a reference at the end of Terminator 2.

Yes, complete the Terminator at the end of Terminator 2. As Bab is about to throw it, he lifts his finger up. Your thumb lifts it up and it sinks like that. The producers are so used to putting the requests of other games they make into their games that they put another one. This time the neck not yet of the team is another game of the same name. The aim of the game is that you have equipment and you know the lands are by accident and the lands are left. You get Kapo silver, you sell the fossils as you buy, and your earnings are you buy more powerful equipment and you start digging faster and the game goes like this.

We see one of these fossils in a mission in the game. Same as in the game. You know that you know how to walk pets with you in the game, and all of them are a reference, there is a small robot that we walk around with us, or yes, I don’t send it to an animation that came out in 2008, the thing that looks like meatballs with feet that we circulate with us has produced an effect. And the Tripler is coming to our world from a different portal from a different universe, and it is the same thing because we walked around with us, it’s wet here. This is a must-have posting a day from a TV animation called scrub.

We have two stick men with us. Actually, one of them is a stick woman. These are just a reference from his team, one directly to the institute itself, and one to its supporter named Eli Roth. It’s actually a reference in the many cosmetics we wear in the game. For example, 90 percent of the reference songs were taken directly from a hellenistic game. Ahah, only two of them are different, someone was already trying to hunt in the middle before I brushed the idiot and one of them had 12 results. I don’t remember the name of that man and his hat is at the end of another video. I hope you enjoyed the video. I hope you enjoyed it.

Even if it has a small story, I think that’s what you wanted from me and I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you very much to everyone who supported. Also, I would like to thank you if his channel comes in, then see you in another video, goodbye, take care of yourself, see you.

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  2. Download Installer (Note Down: Current Setup Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.

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