Creating a Zoom Fixed Link (ID)

Creating a Zoom Fixed Link (ID)

Creating a Zoom Fixed Link (ID)

With Zoom Fixed Link Creation , you can continuously access the room you set up from the same ID. Here, we tell you how to do this. Zoom is an application that allows teachers and students to conduct live lessons by video chatting as part of distance education. With Zoom Fixed ID , Link Building , you do not need to enter a different number during each lesson.

Zoom Fixed Link Building
With Zoom Fixed Link Creation , teachers can continuously teach their students through a fixed ID from within the application . We explain how to do this in items below.

  • Make All Your Arrangements While Setting Up a Live Classroom,
  • Check the text Recurring Meeting ,
  • Check Generate Automatically from the Meeting ID section ,
  • Click on the Sechedule button after completing your other settings ,
  • Mark the days of your lessons on the website that appears,
  • You will see a fixed link for all the days you marked for the lesson ,
  • When you come to the Meetings section from within the application , the fixed ID of the course you created is displayed on the left.
Creating a Zoom Fixed Link (ID)

Creating a Zoom Fixed Link (ID)

By doing the above procedures correctly and completely, you can perform Zoom Fixed Link and ID Creation .


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