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Mobile MOBA Brawl Stars

Mobile MOBA Brawl Stars

Mobile MOBA Brawl Stars

In June, mobile games company Supercell launched a demo version of its Brawl Stars project in Canada with the creators. We reviewed the project and considered all the advantages and disadvantages.

This game is referred to as a MOBA, it is called “Overwatch Top View” or “Brawler”. These definitions are suitable for describing the game from different angles.

The game develops the ideas of mobile MOBA games. In it, each of the parties is given three characters, game sessions last for several minutes, and there are also 15 heroes with different characteristics.


The game has a vertical orientation and is fully adapted for smartphones. The gameplay itself is presented in a simplified form. All heroes have health scales and charges for carrying out attacks. If you use one charge, it will take time to recharge. Therefore, it is imperative to calculate attacks so as not to be left unarmed in the midst of a battle. In the game, a lot depends on reflexes, knowledge of the features of the card and microcontrol. Since the game itself is fast, every second and direction of action is important in it. Attack lines are not drawn on the maps themselves, they are built mainly of blocks and bushes, in which players can sit out from opponents. Blocks can be destroyed by characters.

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The modes in the game are an unusual solution. As you progress through and discover new characters, the player receives new bonuses, such as game modes with cards. A certain amount of time is allocated to them and a reward is awarded during the passage.

Mobile MOBA Brawl Stars

It can be awarded both for participation and for victory, for reaching the desired level and the title of the effective player of the session. When the reward limit is reached, the mode does not turn off, but you will not be able to earn more achievements. In total, there are several modes in the game and three different maps for them.

In this mode, you need to defeat the opposing team. When you kill a hero, stars are awarded, and the prize for his head becomes larger. The more opponents with a large number of stars are killed, the more points the team will get. The team with the most stars wins.

Smash & Grab
In the middle of the map there is a mine that throws out at a certain interval along the crystal. Any player can pick it up. Others will see the number of crystals that the character is carrying. At death, all accumulations disintegrate and they can be taken by both allies and enemies. Two teams play in this mode.
When one team reaches a certain number of crystals, the countdown begins, and after 15 seconds, if the team that scored points does not lose them, it wins.

This mode is closer to the standard MOBA, but the gameplay here is reduced to one goal.
On one of the bases there is a safe, which one protects, while the other, on the contrary, seeks to plunder. If, after a certain time, one team managed to destroy the safe, then they win, and if not, the opposing team wins. The distribution of characters into teams is random.
Due to its peculiarity, this mode is the most unbalanced among players and causes various controversies on the forums.

The game also has its own genre of Battle Royale – a super popular mode of large-scale projects. Breaking into the mobile gaming markets. There is a constantly shrinking cloud of murderous gas on the map, and cases with attacks improvements periodically appear. The longer the player stays alive, the higher the reward awaits him.


Mobile MOBA Brawl Stars

There are fifteen standard characters and four rare characters in the game. There are standard ones, for example, a girl with the ability to summon a large bear, as well as unusual ones, like a Mexican skeleton with a guitar. Each character has its own health reserve, special abilities and attack range.
Basically, these are all the differences between them, but there are also some peculiarities. Characters are capable of destroying blocks on the map, throwing explosives over obstacles, setting traps, and healing allies. But you can’t call all these abilities class or role-based. One of the main things that determines the heroes is the attack distance. It can be small, medium and long.
This is the flaw in the game. Unlike similar games, Brawl Stars cannot boast of various combinations, deep strategic decisions.

Crystals are purchased through in-game payments, you can buy sets with characters, improvements that increase the income of coins, appearance for characters.

But there is one nuance here. When the player unlocks rare characters, purchases in the store will no longer provide tangible boosts. For example, when buying a set for one hundred dollars, the player receives a small amount of elixir and 125 chips out of 600, which does not really help with character development. The purchase was personally tested and I can’t say that in the future I will want to buy anything from the in-game items. You can also get additional benefits in the game, read more at .

ESports and streaming
During the release of the game, there was a stream and its genre itself suggests that Supercell wants to renew the interest of players in eSports, which has somewhat subsided in recent times. The game has everything for this. There are really cybersport elements here: the structure of the cards, the mechanics lead to focusing on one point, like on a ball in sports games. The attention of both the viewer and commentators will be riveted on it. The sessions are intense and colorful, so it will be profitable to broadcast. The esports component of the game will only develop.

Rating and feedback
Brawl Stars is rated highly, despite some shortcomings, it is already at the top of the App Store’s Free Games ranking in Canada. The main complaints relate to not very comfortable management, inexperienced allies, balance and insufficient content.

But the players rate the game positively. However, this does not always determine financial success. With the existing support and popularity of the game, food managed to get into the top 10 of the Canadian Grossing. For example, Clash Royale remained in first place in the first weeks of release.

World release
It is not yet known whether Supercell will release the game globally or will cease development over time.
It seems to me that the project will be closed after all. The game itself turned out to be excellent, fresh, and funny. But it feels like this is not a level for Supercell. Starting from not very well-made interfaces, ambiguity in game design and management, ending with in-game payments and generally a general inferiority that was not observed in the company’s earlier projects.

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